Why you should consider Belize for Post-Covid travel
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Belize is welcoming travelers again, with a Tourism Gold Standard program in place designed to keep you safe and recognized as one of the top in the world. See our Health & Safety page for up-to-date details related to COVID-19 vaccinations, testing requirements and everything else you need to know in order to have the Belize vacation of your dreams.

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Why you should consider Belize for Post-Covid travel

         While it is safe to say travel plans continue to remain uncertain during this time, many are already making vacation itineraries for next year post-COVID. Wanderlusters are raring to go, the understandable cabin fever and anxiety from a global pandemic leading them to cautiously look at the first flight available; however,  where they go is crucial – especially since many destinations are still under travel advisories.  It’s expected that travelers will be skeptical of their 2021 vacation spots, and will be researching on what destinations are doing to protect travelers to identify one that best suits their needs.  Here’s why Belize is the perfect destination for post-Covid travel.

  1. No crowds. Belize has always been just below the radar on most bucket lists, though that has been slowly changing in the past few years. Even before a global pandemic, over tourism in Belize wasn’t an issue – a fact many travelers appreciate when they wish to escape the world and relax. You can take photos of looming Maya sites without people being in the background, no waiting in lines for tourist attractions, and no worries of being caught up in stifling crowds.
  2. One flight away. Sitting just below Mexico, Belize is easily accessible from major airports in North America., being only a flight away from most cities. This means shorter flight times, less layovers, fewer overnight flights, and more time to enjoy the tropics.
  3. Effective Management. Though there’s no way of knowing how long COVID-19 will last, Belize has been fortunate enough to only have had few cases thus far compared to the rest of the world. We hope that this continues to be the case as we prepare to open our doors to our travelers. Soon, you too will be enjoying all our beautiful country has to offer again.
  4. Rest & Relaxation. As we experience a historic disease plaguing the world, our mental health and wellness is a priority. Where we would normally venture into nature or book a quick weekend trip to reset ourselves, we are confined to our homes. A trip infused with relaxing activities and a peaceful atmosphere is not desired, but needed. Belize has been known to cater to wellness with travelers’ wellbeing being of utmost priority. From nature spas and beachy getaways to forest-bathing and waterfall chasing – Belize is perfectly poised to welcome you back soon as you escape everyday life and reset your soul.

For more information on Belize travel advisories or things to do in Belize, email us at info@travelbelize.org.

Why you should consider Belize for Post-Covid travel maya ruin
Why you should consider Belize for Post-Covid travel beach