Why Ambergris Caye was named the #4 Best Island in Central America  1
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Why Ambergris Caye was named the #4 Best Island in Central America

In case you missed it, everyone’s favorite island received even more recognition that it usually does year-round: the highly esteemed Conde Nast Taveler named Ambergris Caye one of the best islands in Central America! Coming up at No. 4, this island holding the world-famous town of San Pedro captured the hearts of countless Conde Nast readers. As the most-visited destination in the country, Ambergris is known for its “quintessential Caribbean island vibe, with humming golf carts and great snorkeling and diving.” Should you need a reminder, here’s what makes the island so special and worthy of that award.

  1. Cuisine. There’s a reason the food tours are so popular here. From the obvious delectable seafoods to the lesser known authentic Hispanic dishes, the food scene in San Pedro is unlike any other island. (Don’t believe us? Check out Chef Nyesha exploring the island’s cuisine here.) Make sure to try as much lobster dishes as you can, before enjoying some locally produced chocolate that is to-die-for. 
  2. Island Life. News flash: Everything you’ve heard about island life is true. From the laid-back atmosphere to the worry-free lifestyle, living on an island involves lots of sandy toes, beach strolls and warm weather.
  3. Beach. After all Ambergris Caye is an island, so beaches are to be expected. However, the beaches here are unlike any other Caribbean island. For instance, Secret Beach at the northern end of the island offers crystalline waters that lap up against silk sandy shores. Here, many locals set up their restaurants & bars to offer beach-bummers some entertainment as they lounge all day. Over-the-water seating areas make for a perfect combination of enjoying the water while having a drink.
  4. People. There’s no home without people, and with Belize always being described as some travelers’ second home, it’s no surprise our people are the definition of warmth. When asked about their favorite part of Belize, travelers almost always mention locals and their vibrant cultures. Exploring San Pedro is no different; you are most definitely going to be welcomed with open arms and greeted as a friend. The cultures in Belize vary by region, but the hospitality remains the same. At Ambergris Caye, the islanders’ smiles are infectious and their words genuine when asking you to visit again soon.

These are just some of the charming aspects of Ambergris Caye and Belize’s favorite island. For things to do in San Pedro, call us at 1-800-624-0686 or email us at info@travelbelize.org

Why Ambergris Caye was named the #4 Best Island in Central America  2
Why Ambergris Caye was named the #4 Best Island in Central America  3
Why Ambergris Caye was named the #4 Best Island in Central America  4