Things you should never do in Belize
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Things you should never do in Belize

There are umpteen articles gushing on all the things you must try in Belize, from bucket-lists and new attractions to culinary wonders and memorable sites to behold. But what about the things you should avoid doing while visiting the Jewel? Here are 10 things you should never do while in Belize.

  1. Hurry. For those who visit Belize quite often already know there’s such a thing as “Belizean Time.” It is our blessing and curse; with having such an easy-going lifestyle, it also seeps into everything we do. As many locals will tell you, “we noh hurry an’ we noh worry.” We don’t hurry and we don’t worry. So why should you? Take your time and savor the present as is, don’t try rushing from point A to point B. There’s beauty in the journey itself.
  2. Skip the Marie Sharp (or any hot sauce). You’ve seen it. At every restaurant table, taco stand, and even in mini versions in the purses of those who can’t live without their Marie Sharp’s Pepper Sauce. Feeling down? Add some hot sauce. Rice-and-beans needs a little kick? Marie Sharp it. (Yes, we made it a verb.) Many are wary of the spicy red bottle, but just a little drop will do. If you’re not one for spicy food, there are milder versions of the iconic Marie Sharp.
  3. Immediately bite into a meat pie. You’ve known real agony if you’ve ever bitten into a fresh meat pie. The first inkling of a scorched palate, the panic of the scalding tongue, until it feels like your entire face hurts and suddenly your eyes are leaking. Yep, we’ve been there. Meat pies are a God-given gift, but it teaches patience. There are many techniques to eating a meat pie: locals recommend opening up the ‘roof’ of the meat pie and letting it cool before biting into it, or using the same said ‘roof’ as a spoon to scoop up the insides. Either way you do it, don’t wind up nursing a burnt mouth for a week.
  4. Don’t greet. Walking around anywhere in Belize, you will be greeted by everyone you pass. Whether it’s a Good mawnin’, Good afta-noon, or Good evenin’, you’re bound to receive many in a short walking time. It doesn’t matter that they’re strangers, in Belize it is a common practice to greet everyone you come across. Most people – especially those living in metropolises – are used to brushing past pedestrians and going about their day. Feel free to extend a greeting wherever you go in Belize and your only consequence will be a warm smile and a greeting in return.
  5. Refuse odd-looking food. With such an eclectic range of cultures, it’s no surprise our food would reflect that uniqueness, as well. Stray away from your familiar go-to orders at restaurants and try something on the local menu. Just because you’ve never had it before doesn’t mean it’s not going to be great. Many of our proud dishes might look a little weird at first but will blow you away after you have a taste. From the charcoal-black soup of Relleno in the Mestizo culture to the pasty coconut-based fish soup of Hudut in the Garifuna, there’s always something to try in Belize.

Take these tips to heart and you’re bound to make the most of your Belize vacation. If you’d like more information on things to do in Belize, feel free to email us at or call us toll-free at 1-800-624-0686.