Photo Guide to Caye Caulker
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Photo Guide to Caye Caulker

Backpacker’s paradise, most Instagrammable island, the ‘Go Slow’ caye – Caye Caulker goes by many names but we will be focusing on its affinity to be wallpaper-worthy. From the moment you dock at the tiny island, you’ll be reaching for your camera to snap its colorful houses lining up at the beach. Hopping on a golf cart, you’ll see a stream of colors as you zip by. To help you seek out those shots that are sure to garner many likes on social media, we have drafted up a list of places in Caye Caulker that are great photo ops.

  1. Ice Cream Goodness. This millennial pink wooden ice-cream shop is what dreams are made of. Complete with rustic rope swings dangling at the front and a chic pink beach chair, there is a plethora of cute polaroids you can produce here. Not to mention delicious homemade ice cream! Where: a block to your left from the pier when you dock (accessible by beach.)
  2. Multi-colored Dollhouse. As you can see, there’s no end to an artist’s palette at Caye Caulker. This little house – also pink with yellow windowpanes – has a little stoop where you can plop down and have your picture taken. It seems like something out of a children’s book! Where: on the beach, a couple blocks to your right when you dock at the pier.
  3. Pier. Speaking of the pier, this is also a must when touring the island. Since the sun rises on this leeward side, early dawn is the recommended time to take a nice silhouette photo here. There are plenty of piers accessible to the public along the beachside, so it’s no trouble finding one!
  4. The Split. We couldn’t leave out the Split, found at the northernmost end of the island (where the island splits in two.) Arguably the best sunsets are witnessed here, on the windward side. However, the great photo op is standing at the seawall looking at the sunset and snapping a photo of the two wooden houses behind you, bracketed by palm trees.
  5. Any structure on Caye Caulker. Honestly every structure makes for an ideal backdrop. From tall leaning stores to chic to teal-splashed restaurants, anywhere on the Caye is bound to give you a nice photo (even a simple pose in front of a coconut tree will look amazing!)

There are many things we love about the Go Slow island: the laidback lifestyle, the ample amount of friendly dogs and the killer sunsets. If you’d like to learn more about Caye Caulker and things to do, email us at or call us toll-free at 1-800-624-0686.

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