Circle C Inn

Circle C Inn is a nice and quiet 7-room guest house in Punta Gorda Town. The property is run by Rhoda, a long time resident of Punta Gorda town who has been running the Circle C Inn for over 19 years. You will immediately feel at home here. Rhoda likes to take people to her garden and show guests the different herbs and ways that you can use them. There are 7 guest rooms, 3 rooms are private (with a television in each room) and 4 rooms have a shared bath (no television). Just a short 10 minute walk and you will find a number of restaurants. There is a small store on the property that offers soda, water and other conveniences. Private rooms – $40BZ per person (2 person maximum) Shared rooms – 2 rooms with a double bed for $25BZ (2 person maximum); 1 room with two twin beds for $35BZ (2 person maximum), 1 room with three twin beds for $50BZ (3 person maximum) All rooms require a $10BZ key deposit (you will get this back once you check out)