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Taste of Belize 2018 features best of Belizean Cuisine

Belize continues to thrive in the culinary scene and those dabbing in the art of gastronomy are now able to witness up front nouvelle Belizean cuisine. Taste of Belize, held every two years, is a competition organized by the Belize Tourism Board to celebrate the ingenuity within the gastronomical sector of the tourism industry. Chefs have an opportunity to entice a panel of judges with delicious dishes – and foodies have the opportunity to indulge in said delicious dishes! 

Scheduled to take place on July 21, TASTE OF BELIZE will be held in the nation’s old capital, Belize City at the Ramada Hotel.  Guests and visitors alike will gather in the Kings Room at the Ramada for a day and night filled with ambrosial delight and culinary art excitement as talented individuals from across the country vie for the prestigious titles of –

  • Belize’s Junior Chef of the Year 2018
  • Belize’s Pastry Chef of the Year 2018
  • Belize’s Bartender of the Year 2018
  • Belize’s Master Chef of the Year 2018

Set against the backdrop of the Caribbean Sea, this nautical central coast venue will be transformed into an oasis of gustatory delight intertwined between reflections of the past of old Belize.  Guests will savour the rich historic appeal of barrels of old, canoes of old, cannons of old and culinary instruments of old Belize as they enjoy delectable and divine cuisine serving up the best flavours of Belize.

The audience will be treated to the daytime events that feature competition rounds that will determine final winners for the Pastry Chef and Junior Chef of the Year 2018.  These competitors will display their culinary craftmanship and skills serving up to the Judges gourmet dishes in an effort to wow and tantalize the palates of the Judges and audience alike, who will also be able to taste samples being prepared. 

Daytime events also feature elimination rounds for the Bartender and Master Chef of the Year 2018.  The finest skills will be put to the challenge to totally blow away the judges and audience to make it past the first rounds for these competitions.  Only those with the top scores will be allowed to advance to the final rounds.

As part of the Signature event, throughout the daytime events and night time events the audience and guests will be able to sample and purchase some of finest culinary treats that will be served up by Belize’s finest vendors across multiple booths.  Tasty local food delights will be served up to suit every palate and will be sure to offer the audience an opportunity to sample dishes from across the culinary spectrum in Belize in one setting.

In the evening, guests and visitor’s will be greeted by the sounds of the Pan tempers Steel Band before the main competition events get underway for the Bartender and Master Chef of the year. 

The main events will feature the final rounds for the coveted Bartender of the Year 2018 as the competitors concoct and present their finest blends or the judges and samples for the audience.  The final two rounds of the Master Chef of the Year 2018 will seal the title for the competitor amassing the most points for the day.  They will wow the audience and judges with their mastery of the fire and cutlery as they vie to deliver their signature entrée and dessert dish in the final round.



9am – doors open.

9:10am – 9:30am – MCs start agenda

Prayer – TBD (9:10am to 9:15am)

  • Welcome address – Mrs. Karen Bevans (9:15am to 9:20am)

9:30AM – Start of group 1 of Master Chef and Round 1 of Pastry Chef competitions

11:05am – start of Final round Pastry Chef and group 2 of Master Chef

12:45pm – start of group 1 of Bartender

1:30pm – MC introduces Group 3 of Master Chef

1:50pm – start of group 2 of Bartender

2:40pm – 3pm – top 4 contenders for Bartender and top 7 Master Chef are announced.  Winners for Junior Chef and Pastry Chef are announced.

6:30pm – start of Round 2 of Master Chef

7:40pm – start of round 2 of Bartender

8:45pm – start of Final Round of Bartender

9:25pm – start of Final Round of Master Chef

10:15pm – 10:30pm – Winners for Bartender and Master Chef are announced.
















The audience will have multiple opportunities to taste from samples prepared by the competitors as they cheer them on and support their favorites.

Those who earn the grand titles mentioned will have the honor of representing Belize at the Taste of the Caribbean in the U.S., a highly-acclaimed culinary competition and Caribbean cultural showcase.

More than 20 chefs have signed up for the competition this year, all eager to sharpen their skills as well as their knives. If you’re a traveler eating your way through the country – who doesn’t enjoy a good cultural food tour? – then a stop at the Taste of Belize 2018 is a must on your itinerary. 


Below are all the details to keep in mind:


When: July 21, 2018

Where: Ramada Princess, Belize City

Day Event Cost: Kids – $5 | Adults: $10

Night Event Cost: Kids – $7 | Adults: $15

All Day Pass Cost: Kids – $10 | Adults: $20


For more events in Belize, feel free to email us at info@travelbelize.org or call us toll-free at 1-800-624-0686.            


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