Mango Fest 2019
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Mango Festival 2019 | Celebrate the fruit in all its forms

Diced, sliced, on a stick, or straight off the tree, there are so many ways to devour the (unofficial) fruit of Belize: Mango! You know us for throwing nutty festivals, sweet festivals, and fishy ones, too, so it’s no surprise we have the Mangu Festival every June in Hopkins, Stann Creek.

Mangu is the Garinagu word for mango. The Garinagu are descendants from a mixture of Africans and native Caribbeans; every year they host the free two-day event in their lively town of Hopkins, hoping to promote their culture and unique cuisines.

Like other Belizean festivals, where there is live music, there is food and the Mango Fest is no exception. Save the date for this year’s Mangu Fest! 


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