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Cashew Heartland in its Glory

Every May, Belizeans and tourists alike gather at the quaint bird-haven of Crooked Tree Village to indulge in all things cashew. Just as the infamous Lobster Fest is saturated with all things lobster, the Cashew Festival & Agricultural Show has immeasurable recipes that include the nutritious nut. From foods like jams, cakes and fruit pies to the must-try cashew wine (perfect souvenir, perhaps?)

Crooked Tree lies north of Belize City, and if not for the unimaginable cashew dishes, the myriad of festivities will keep you anchored to the village’s show.


  • 35 miles from Belize City.


  • Beauty Pageants (the Friday night before)
  • Dances
  • Cashew Wine Drinking Competition
  • Horseback Riding Exhibitions
  • Greasy Pole Competition


There’s nothing like getting up close and personal to a culture as diverse as Belize’s, and when a passion for their agriculture is on display, it’s almost a cardinal sin to miss out. How often can you say you’ve attended a nut festival? Crooked Tree is not short of artisans, and when paired with something as ordinary as a nut, extraordinary things happen.


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