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47th Annual Benque Festival 2014

The “47th Benque Festival 2014” is a cultural extravaganza, showcasing the social and religious traditions of Belize’s Mestizo community. Visit Cayo District’s Benque Viejo Del Carmen (July 7th – 20th), and get acquainted with all things Belize!

Highlights include: fireworks display, mechanical rides, games, musical performances, dances, food, drinks and much more!

This vibrant line-up of activities will sustain your senses; take the family or go solo. Either way, you’re guaranteed a tale-of-a-good-time in Benque!

Benque Festival History:

Celebrated as early as the 1900s, the “Benque Festival” is a tribute to the Town’s Patroness, “Our Lady of Mount Carmel.” This predominantly Mestizo community (a mixture of Maya and Spanish Culture) of Benque Viejo Del Carmen, along with the Catholic Church and the Town Council, team-up to make this an annual event!

Wake up each day (during the 7th – 16th) at 4:00 a.m., and share in the religious ceremonies at the Catholic Church, followed by post ceremony dancing to Marimba rhythms through the streets! Then, get-ready for celebratory activities (16th – 20th), including a fair, football games, traditional musical dances, and more!

Festival Highlights:

(All highlights of this event takes place at the Cancha Marshalleck Stadium)

  • – 12th July: Election, Correlation, and the “Senorita Flor De La Seria” Pageant
  • – 17th July: Inauguration of Benque Festival and a Firework Display
  • – 18th July: Football matches between neighboring countries, and a Dance by Belize’s Gilharry 7
  • – 19th July: Dance by the “Gilharry 7” and the famous “Discotec”
  • – 20th July: Football games continue, and Dance by “Discotec”

Be familiar with the Mestizo culture of Belize, as neighboring residents from Mexico and Guatemala also join in the festivities!

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