Belize Winner of TripSavvy Editor’s Choice Award
Health Saftey

Belize is welcoming travelers again, with a Tourism Gold Standard program in place designed to keep you safe and recognized as one of the top in the world. See our Health & Safety page for up-to-date details related to COVID-19 vaccinations, testing requirements and everything else you need to know in order to have the Belize vacation of your dreams.

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Belize Winner of TripSavvy Editor’s Choice Award

Traversing a tumultuous 2020 brought on by a pandemic, it’s no unknown fact many vacation destinations took a hit as the globetrotting world went into shutdown mode. As tourism boards launched into response plans, Belize was one of those with extensive health measures that ensured the safety of our travelers while letting them enjoy their trip when we reopened October 1. TripSavvy, one of the world’s top ten travel information sites, recognized the Belize Tourism Board’s efforts and named it as one of the Industry Leaders for their 2020 Editors’ Choice Awards.

Every year, more than 50 editors around the world comb through a year’s worth of ratings, reviews and data to identity the best-of-the-best in travel worldwide. However, this time they focused on businesses and industries that used meaningful solutions with the end goals of staying afloat, protecting people and making a difference during this challenging year. Based on Belize’s robust measures and protocols in response to Covid-19 and the resulting editorial coverage, Belize proved worthy and ultimately captured the nod of the judges.

As of October 16, the new entry protocols have been relaxed but the safety measures remain in place, allowing guests to enjoy their vacation safely without interruptions.

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